The wine cellar

The cellar for any wine lover.  An exclusive selection of Italian and foreign wines. It is an authentic treasure chest and a place of worship for wine lovers.

An old wine cellar dug in the tuff on three levels, renovated about four years ago, a pleasant environment where the wines rest and await you, a place where you may organize a wonderful evening in a charming and unique atmosphere.


As well as an exceptional cellar for wine lovers, precisely here in via the Luparello, a few steps from the restaurant, come find UN TUBO, an eclectic wine bar opened by its creator Mirco Vigni in 2012, which continuously feeds the fusion between art, music, food and wine.

The art gallery, concert hall and bistro coexist in this small place, grown in the wine cellars of Le Logge, which with its bohemian spirit is always ready to surprise you and entertain you with concerts and themed evenings, matched by great wines and foods of the slow food restaurant.

un tubo



The wines of the winery tell a love story, the one between Gianni Brunelli and his land. Since he bought the estate Chiuse di Sotto in Montalcino, a five hectares’ farm, in the heartland of the Brunello.  Still today Laura continues to nurture the bond between family and land, producing great wines such as Rosso di Montalcino, Brunello and IGT called Amor Costante.

Visit Laura’s and Gianni’s estate

gianni brunelli