Osteria Le Logge was born from the deep love towards wine and food, that has matched Gianni Brunelli and his wife Laura. In 1977 the decision to open a restaurant, in a small narrow medieval street that from the main piazza leads up to the Pope’s Lodge, very close to the fabulous Piazza del Campo in Siena, an UNESCO world heritage site.

Today the Osteria offers a cozy environment with a light nostalgic taste, and it is located where the ancient grocery store Barblan&Riacci used to be. Gianni wanted to keep the ancient elegance, combining his innovative concept of fine foods tied to quality, taste and sustainability.

Since the beginning, Osteria became a reference point of fine cuisine and cosmopolitan environment where intellectuals, politicians, artists, food lovers and visitors would gather. Today Osteria still embodies the concept of a "meeting point", where each guest can join the life of the restaurant in a cozy and familiar way.

Gianni used to say

“Eating is important but eating well is essential”

This phrase explains his concept of Osteria: devotion to the customer, to fresh seasonal products and the constant evolution and research of new content.

This is still today restaurant's philosophy becoming over the years a reference point of the Tuscan gourmet cuisine. You could summarize everything with the Gianni’s fellow citizens phrase: "If you come to Siena, go eat at Brunelli’s”.

Today Le Logge has a dynamic and professional staff: the Restaurant Manager Mirco Vigni, the Maître Agostino La Sorte, the Executive Chef Nico Atrigna and an incredible host, Laura Brunelli.


Osteria Le Logge concept it's enclosed on their name – Osteria -  which means inspiration and contradiction at the same time.

The Osteria captures the most honest and pure values with the realization that world has changed, flavors have evolved and the kitchen has turned into an emotional journey. Therefore the Osteria goes hand in hand at the gourmet world with its gourmet recipes.

A conscious cooking, a transparent menu starting from the names given to the recipes, strongly connected with the daily relationship of the local selected producers, the authentic raw materials tied to nature's seasonality, the culinary evolution obtained from the flavor extraction, to gift our guests a timeless vibrant moment and a fulfilling experience, that brings them back the quality of time and the tradition of seating at a table.